What Does “304” Mean On TikTok? Codewords And Terms Used On TikTok

Web-based entertainment clients on TikTok have been confounded about why certain individuals say or hashtag the number 304 on their recordings. TikTok is an application for all ages, and that implies that discussing unseemly topics can prompt your record to get crippled or erased.

The recordings where 304 is referenced are circulating around the web on the web-based entertainment stage, TikTok.

One of the melodies named Airitout JuJu-304 is additionally famous on the site. The verses of the melody start with ‘I really want a 304’ and proceed.

The recordings made on 304 Meaning have acquired 431.5 Million perspectives up to this point. A few clients and forces to be reckoned with have referenced it yet they have not uncovered the significance on TikTok.

A client with the id @igobykese has amassed over 7K perspectives on the video which he inscribed with, Only the genuine know what 304 means 🧐 type it into a mini-computer and flip around it 😂.

A comparable video was made by @_3xclussive and she has acquired 78.2K perspectives with 19.3K preferences.

What Does “304” Mean On TikTok?

On TikTok, 304 methods cultivator, a lady who lays down with a lot of folks.

In any case, how did the number, 304 transform into the word ‘h*e’? Indeed, for that, you simply need the adding machine of your versatile or some other computerized gadget.

Assuming you type the number 304 into a mini-computer and turn it over, resembling “h-.” Whenever TikTokers are depicting somebody as a 304, they’re attempting to say that individual is ah-.’s alleged,

The top Urban Dictionary definition for 304 states it’s “a way you can call a tramp or b-h an h-without really calling her that.” This surely isn’t the just codeword TikTokers use when they need to discuss subjects – or use language – that could get them started off the application.

“304” Codewords And Terms Used On TikTok

Whenever somebody on TikTok professes to be a “bookkeeper,” it ordinarily implies that they fill in as an outlandish artist. “Bookkeepers” on TikTok gain a great deal of prevalence by sharing their day-in-the-existence recordings, including how much money they procure subsequent to performing in front of an audience. If they somehow happened to tell their devotees their genuine work title, they’d probably get taken out from the video-sharing application.

TikTok “bookkeepers” don’t just flaunt packs of money. They additionally periodically share style takes of the ensembles they wear in front of an audience, cosmetics and hair instructional exercises on the best way to accomplish their impressive looks, and some of the time, fancy-looking shaft stunts in the event that they have posted in their homes. Many “bookkeepers” try not to film stage stunts in their real work areas.