NYPD Cop Sean Armstead Wife Alexandra Vanderheyden: Shooting Updates And Family Statements

NYPD Cop Sean Armstead’s Wife Alexandra Vanderheyden: Shooting Updates And Family Statements:- Sean Armstead followed his significant other Alexandra Vanderheyden and her darling Edward Wilkins to a lodging. He then, at that point, fired Wilkins prior to directing the firearm back toward himself.

Armstead was off the clock on Sunday when he followed his significant other and her canine walker darling to a La Quinta Inn upstate. He then pursued the pair from the inn and shot Edward toward the rear of his head.

Sean’s significant other, Alexandra, saw both her better half and darling lying on the asphalt in a pool of blood. Both the casualties got articulated dead at the scene.

NYPD Cop Sean Armstead Wife Alexandra Vanderheyden

The 36-year-old NYPD cop, Sean Armstead, was hitched to his better half, Alexandra Vanderheyden. Her ongoing age is 35 years, and she was purportedly having an unsanctioned romance with 20-year-old canine walker Edward Wilkins, reports The New York Post.

Alexandra and Sean were hitched for close to nine years, however, their marriage hit an off-base spot.

Armstead should be working in The Bronx on a 12 PM shift, however, he phoned in wiped out. He was currently following his significant other and her canine strolling lover. The illegal issue turned horrendous when the NYPD cop tracked down them.

Both Edward and Vanderheyden drove independently to a La Quinta Inn, Wallkill, Sunday evening. He was a worker at her canine strolling business. She was dubious that her significant other may be following them, so she dumped her vehicle out and about prior to going to the lodging.

The couple remained at the lodging for a really long time and afterward chose to eat from Golden Corral Restaurant. They went to Dave and Buster’s after the café.

NYPD Cop Sean Armstead Shooting Updates

Sean Armstead was all the while following the pair, and his significant other accepts that he followed her through her telephone. He then pursued down Edward bringing about the vehicle getting collided with his. After the vehicles stopped, the canine strolled, leaped out of his vehicle, and frantically got away.

Wilkins ran to the furthest extent that he would be able, yet he could arrive at the close by Buffalo Wild Wings parking area. Armstead was angered and desirous and gunned down the canine walker prior to committing suicide. The canine walker had a chance in the head in a tempest of 16 shots.

The NYPD cop then proceeded to end it all.

Sean Armstead’s Family Statement

Sean Armstead’s family-in-regulation has said that the stunning suicide is a misfortune for the people in question and their families. His brother by marriage, Joe Meyer, expressed that the occurrences on May 8 have straightforwardly affected and damaged his loved ones.

The family is anticipating the policing to give further subtleties. They have additionally requested people in general and the media to regard the security of the people in question and their families.

Sean’s family could be connected for additional remarks, and Edward’s family wouldn’t remark on the issue.