Capital Punishment For Rape

Why would someone get penalized or punished? The answer is certain to pay the price for the crime he/she committed. Punishment can differ from the nature of the crime humans commit. Several forms of penalties exist in the world based on anti-lawful or illegal works.

One of its kind is ‘Capital Punishment.’ There’s no such punishment higher than the ‘Capital Punishment.’ It is also called as ‘Death Penalty,’ which means killing the criminal for their crime. In short, it refers to the process of punishing the felony by death. Let’s take an example of the recent execution of Lisa Montgomery for murdering a pregnant woman and abducting her unborn child back in 2004. Montgomery fell under the conviction of taking someone’s life, aka ‘murder,’ which is one reason for the ‘Death Punishment.’

Like murder, rape comes as one of the serious crimes that exist in the world. It’s shameful, but it still exists in the current world, making women fearful in society. Not only women but men too are the victims of rape if we turn the pages of history throughout the years. But still, there have been several fluctuations and variations when it comes to the execution of punishment from time to time and country to country.

If you see the law for rape in the United States, it describes ‘Rape’ as penetration of the vagina, anus, or oral without the victim’s consent. Under the US’s Federal, rape is considered under non-consensual sexual acts under Chapter 109a of the US (18 U.S.C. §§ 2241–2248). Talking about the punishment for rape in the United States may range from a fine to life imprisonment. However, there is no provision of the death penalty for rape, as written in the United States laws.

Unlike the United States, several countries support ‘Capital Punishment’ for rape, including China, Pakistan, Iran, India, the United Arab Emirates, and many others. There have been several incidents of executing rape criminals for their unforgivable crimes. (

I Stand Along the Capital Punishment for Rape

I hail from a South Asian country, and I have seen many rape cases throughout the years. However, there has not been a strong law that supports the relative punishment for the crime. As a result, I, along with many justice-lovers, have been tormented.

While I believe in humanity and justice, I also think there is no right for anyone to deteriorate others’ lives. Therefore, I suggest and strongly support for the extreme punishment which carries out the crime like rape. In a sense, I am saying that ‘Capital Punishment’ is only the penalty a rapist should get, for the world must know the situation of someone who commits such a crime.

While many people waste their time debating whether or should they support capital punishment for rape, I always feel bothered by the results that have been aroused due to such crimes. As I have already mentioned, I care for humanity and justice; the tears of the rape victim cannot let me skip the situation they are dealing with. For instance, I support every campaign and step that has been running for the preservation of women’s dignity and rights.

Nevertheless, there has not been enough advocacy for the rape victims, especially those who are socially and economically backward. So I strongly suggest, especially to so-called feminists, please try digging more inside the society, just don’t go with the surface assessment but try to bring the most vulnerable groups that have been affected by such crimes. #MeToo Movement has only brought high-profile cases into the light, but there are still millions of rape cases that have been under-covered. So, I firmly stand along with the ‘Capital Punishment for Rape’ and suggest there must be the death penalty for rapists. The only thing is there must be a core-assessment of the crime that still exists in our society.